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About Miranda

Growing up in Santiago, Chile and Fort Collins, Colorado, Miranda Blas was raised to nurture creativity, value hard work and engage in thoughtful communication. Ever since she could hold a crayon, Miranda considered herself an artist. Throughout her youth Miranda cultivated her artistic practice, allying it with her diverse interests.

Miranda is a graduate of St. John’s College in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where she received an interdisciplinary education that honored and integrated philosophy, literature, mathematics, the sciences and the arts. This education has been essential to her growth as an artist and as an individual.

Miranda attended the Marchutz School of Fine Art in Aix-en-Provence, France where she received a Master’s Degree of Fine Arts. She was part of the inaugural graduating class at this school that fuses the study of art criticism, art history and the practice of painting and drawing. At the Marchutz School, Miranda learned the importance of a continual study of the masterworks of all eras and areas — from ancient Islamic ceramics to the great works of El Greco to the paintings of Berthe Morisot and more. Miranda is committed to the flummoxing, difficult and ultimately pleasurable pursuit of grasping and rendering her unique vision of nature. In her work Miranda tries to transcend the real while remaining informed by the realm of the senses. Miranda paints, sculpts, and creates functional ceramic wares guided by intuition, emotion, form and tradition.

She currently teaches art to people of all ages in Philadelphia, PA. Miranda also instructs private sessions and workshops. Contact her at