About Miranda

Miranda Blas is a Chilean-American artist who works in a variety of media. She has been an artist her entire life and has been involved in arts education for over a decade.

Miranda is a graduate of St. John’s College in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where she received an interdisciplinary education that integrated philosophy, literature, mathematics, the sciences and the arts. She attended the Marchutz School of Fine Art in Aix-en-Provence, France where she received a Master’s Degree of Fine Arts. She was part of the inaugural graduating class at this school that fuses the study of art criticism, art history and the practice of painting and drawing.

Miranda’s current artistic practice revolves around atmospheric fired ceramics. She creates sculptures and bas-relief covered vases which are then fired in the raku style or in a woodfire noborigama kiln. The volatile confluence of fire, smoke, air, and water that characterizes raku firing is endlessly inspiring, with new surprises coming out of the reduction chamber each time. Miranda aims for harmony between form and surface, between the bright reduction raku colors and the sable dark of carbon trapped in unglazed clay. In the woodfire process she relies on the flames and ash in the kiln to create deep bronzed surfaces. The inspiration for the subject content of her work comes from myriad places. Miranda is constantly inspired by nature, her inner landscape, art history, and feminism. In her depiction of women she aims to subvert the legacy of the male gaze by creating artwork of women, by a woman. She tries to battle misogyny sculpture by sculpture, hoping that her work brings self love and empowerment to the women (or anyone of any gender) who see it. 

Art is alive! It sings to us across centuries, connects us to people and places long passed, and enables us to imagine new realities. Great art takes the ephemeral and the particular and turns it into something whole, living and eternal. Regardless of whether Miranda is painting, sculpting, or throwing, her goal is always the same: to create something alive. Miranda works to bring beauty, magic and light into a world that often feels dark.

To book private workshops in ceramics contact mirandablasart@gmail.com